Indonesia 2

Cobin celebrated the onset of his teenage years on the outskirts of the Indian Ocean.  So far, he is a delightful teen-ager.  We surprised him with “all day screen time” instead of school and, rather than retreating into a self-indulgent binge on devices, he shared all his electronics and gave the girls and Tyler tutorials on various games.  He was pleasant, cheerful, helpful, and kind.  If this is any indication of what the future holds, I can’t wait!

Last night the girls helped me decorate the boat and we had streamers and balloons and signs all over when he woke up this morning.  Tully stayed up late just to help out and commented that it was her “first birthday to help with.”  I think Marin and Tully might have been more excited than Cobin.

There were no “real” presents (Tully told me that kids did not like to open things that they already have) but he did receive some coveted food items like Swedish fish, blueberry frosted pop-tarts, a pre-owned (by him) container of Powerade powder (Tully was wrong – he did like getting it) as well as a cold thermos of Powerade prepared for him by his sisters.  He also received a small Tetrapak container of long-life cream.  I told him that one of his gifts was a clue to another gift that would arrive later.  After an extended guessing game (what else could pop-tarts be sued for?), and much thinking about the uses of long-life cream, he figured out that he was getting an ice cream maker that he has been asking for ever since our ice cream ball got stolen in the great luggage theft of January 2019.  I find that it’s easier to give gifts that I benefit from as well. Like that grill that Joe always wanted for Father’s Day that is exactly the same kind of grill that I always wanted.

The light winds are in our past and we’ve been humming along for a few days now with winds in the 15 – 20 range, coming from behind.  We have continued with the spinnaker and variations on the reefed main, recording solid speeds in the 7-8 knot range, occasionally dabbling in the 10-13 knot range when we’re surfing on waves.  We’re not setting any speed records but this stretch is known for its light winds so we are just grateful to be sailing and not motoring.

With Larissa’s help, the girls and I managed to make a sponge cake with a layer of ice cream on top that we rolled up into an old-fashioned log cake.  Somehow this emerged from the freezer more or less as planned and frosting came in handy, as always, to cover up any imperfections due to the inadequacies of the baker.  More cracks lead to more frosting which leads to more deliciousness and this time was no different.  After eating roast pork (which the Australians sell with lip-smacking crackling attached), we had cake and Cobin blew out a large quantity of candles which had somehow fused together into a uni-candle.  There were at least thirteen and any extras just added to the power of the wish.

I hope Cobin’s birthday was a good day for all of you too!

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