Marquesas 5

March 10, 2019

Today started with an absence of water and ended with sugar.

We’ve had good wind for several days but that has also brought larger seas. Joe was having trouble with the water maker pressure, possibly because of the constant up and down movement of the boat which wasn’t allowing the water maker to have a steady intake from the sea. Whatever the cause, we were unable to make water for more than about 5 minutes at a time.

Before we left, Joe suggested that we should try to only use one tank at a time and then refill the other. That way, we would always have enough water on board to get us to the Marquesas if the water maker failed. This was a great plan except somewhere along the way, it got abandoned. 

Last night, Joe suggested we watch our water usage and this morning, I used the dregs to clean my teeth. I woke up to Joe under the bed, cajoling the water maker. Images of water rationing flitted through my mind and I started mentally cataloging the water stashed around the boat. Cobin and Sunil alternated shifts babysitting the pressure gauge so we could fill the tanks. When Joe thanked him for doing the tedious task, Sunil said, “It was another chance to learn! Now I feel very comfortable with the instrument panel for the water maker!” Nice to have such positive crew. We felt so relieved that we all took much-needed showers. We might run out of water again tomorrow but at least we will be cleaner when we die of thirst!

Our bad luck with spinnakers continues. Somewhere along the way, we launched the rainbow pride sail. About 5 minutes later, there was commotion and the spinnaker was down again, having lost a battle with the spreader. I suggested getting rid of the spreaders as they are constantly damaging the sails but no one thought it was a good idea. John tapes up the tears with some assistance from Cobin so we can use that sail again when conditions permit. So far, the wind has been on the beam so spinnakers (downwind sails) haven’t been needed.

Today also brought some sun back after generally overcast skies. We cleaned the boat, did some school, painted, played musical instruments, played Clue, had a dance party, did a boat workout, and ended the day with “brookies” (combination of brownie and cookie) and a showing of Ponyo.

Hope tomorrow is just as good!

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