Marquesas 14

March 20, 2019 What a day! Highs and lows, ups and downs, births and deaths. Ok – the births didn’t actually happen today but it makes for a more dramatic opening. Let’s start with births. A couple of days ago, in what I’m guessing might be a first for a Pacific crossing, we hatched twin […]

Marquesas 13

March 18, 2019 Another beautiful day on the Pacific. Still sailing with the spinnaker up so the luck of the Irish (or maybe Scottish?) is holding. We made a strategic choice to try to hold to the rhumb line rather than going north to get a better wind angle as other boats have done. If […]

Marquesas 10

March 15, 2019 Race fans – watch us closely. Tomorrow, if all goes as planned, we will fly the rainbow spinnaker again. The crew and skipper have been resting up but the comfort phase has ended and we are ready to take on Nica (leader boat) again.  Unfortunately, she broke her boom vang a day […]

Marquesas 9

March 14, 2019 We have stars again! The moon is interfering with visibility somewhat but not nearly as much as the clouds were. We had great sailing weather today and it continues tonight. We’ve got 15-20 knots fairly consistently out of tune SE and are able to hold the rhumb line with the wind at […]

Marquesas 8

March 13, 2019 So the squall wasn’t a squall – it was a weather system of some sort that brought over 12 hours of rain. After I went to bed, it continued raining on everyone. At least it was fair – all watches got equally wet. The excitement today, apart from the end of the […]

Marquesas 7

March 12, 2019 The banana bread is gone. The bread, the moment, all of it. The adventure is back in the form of a squall that won’t leave. The day was great. The waves finally calmed enough that we could go on the foredeck and do our PE activities. Cobin and I resumed our boat […]

Marquesas 6

March 11, 2019 Another night, another blog entry! Tonight was poetry night on Charm and I was inspired by one of my favorite poets, Billy Collins, to think about the juxtaposition of me, the writer, and you, my Reader. We are probably both fixated on bright little screens at the moment. For your sake, I […]