Marquesas Day 2

March 7, 2019

My watch just ended with a sail change so just a quick note and then off to bed. Another nice day with decent winds and reasonable seas.

Tonight has been a bit bouncier with variable winds so we dropped the spin Amy and put up the gen baker. Still doing about 8.5 knots with 13-18 knots of wind.

Waves are picking up but it’s still in the mostly comfortable range.

Cobin made yogurt from a store-bought yogurt with live culture and was very pleased with the results. He doesn’t like yogurt but tried it and decided he would eat it again, especially with sugar and vanilla.

The girls were resistant to the restart of Charm School but eventually did the bare minimum so they could immerse themselves in their pretend play that involves mothers, babies and royalty with skirts, scarves and wigs thrown in for good measure.

John made lunch and Sunil made dinner and we all enjoyed the afternoon dolphin show, complete with synchronized leaps out of the water as the pod hunted fish in front of our boat.

We also saw a few sea lions with their flippers straight up in the air – not sure if they were sleeping, sunbathing, or asking to be rescued.

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