How Charm got her name

We had to name “the boat.”  I came up lists of gods and goddesses.  Joe came up with groups of animal names.  We asked the kids.  The finalists that I remember were Shiver, Charm, and maybe Zephyr, the west wind.

Joe had all kinds of cool names for groups of animals – did you know a “shiver” is a group of sharks?  Or a “wreck” a group of seabirds (that clearly didn’t make the short list of boat names).

Here’s a link to more.

A “charm” is a group of hummingbirds.  At our house in Colorado, we regularly had hummingbirds visiting after we finally put up the feeder that I bought several years prior.  We had a hummingbird feeder because my mother believes that her father (my grandfather) was reincarnated as a hummingbird.  Why she believes that, I don’t know.  I’ll have to ask.

Part of the reason we are able to spend time in Europe is because my grandfather was Irish and I was able to get Irish citizenship by descent.  So, in a way, he is a patron of our trip.

In any case, the hummingbird, despite its apparently nasty personality (they’re aggressive and always hungry, therefore aggressive), seemed like a special creature.  And “charm” is a nice word to have attached to you in some form.

I’m hoping that, while a hummingbird on its own might be rather unpleasant, when grouped with others, their unattractive traits blend to make a charm-ing combination?  I hope that’s the case with our family!  Not that we have any unattractive traits that we would speak of . . .

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