Fiji 9: Fijian Fourth

July 4, 2019 After leaving Savusavu, we headed to Volivoli Point (the double names continue) where there is a fabulous diving resort run by the same family (probably from New Zealand) for the past 25 years or so. We toured around the area, sampling several swimming locations, and then anchored near Aurora B by the […]

Fiji 8: Off to Viti Levu

July 1, 2019 The sky is infested with stars and the sea is infested with squid! Perhaps they have been there all along but tonight we have spotted them. We normally don’t have the searchlight out on overnight passages but Fiji has particularly tricky waters so Joe was looking at something with our high-powered light.  […]

Fiji 5: Bay of Islands

June 24, 2019 We are in the Bay of Islands, Fiji! It’s a beautiful place with all kinds of limestone islands covered with gorgeous green foliage. We are anchored amidst larger and smaller islands in a small bay, hence the name. The water is nice but not particularly clear or full of visible coral in […]

Fiji 4 – Lomaloma

June 22, 2019 Today was boat repair, school, and a hike to the radio tower. Joe helped Aurora B replace some broken coolant hoses and refill the coolant so they are back in action. Poor Manihi is taking on water but no diagnosis as to why. All the ARC boats finished clearing Customs and Immigration […]

Fiji 3 – Arrival

June 21, 2019 Just a quick entry to say that we’ve arrived in Fiji. We are anchored by the village of Lomaloma, on the island of Vanua Balavu, in the Lau Group. I have learned the names of so many places I didn’t even know existed! It’s truly mind-numbing how many people there are, living […]

Fiji 2

June 20, 2019 Today and tonight we are doing something we normally don’t do. Normally, we try to go as fast as we can, either because we’re in a race or because we just want to get to the next place. But the crossing to Fiji isn’t a race and there are many reefs around […]

Fiji 1

June 19, 2019 It’s a lovely calm night on the South Pacific as we close in on the “halfway around the world” point. We have probably already crossed it for ourselves since we traveled to the Eastern Mediterranean in Charm. But to make it clean, we will soon be crossing 180 degrees of longitude, which […]