Tonga 7 – Niue-bound

May 28, 2019

Tonight I’m getting spray in my face as we clip along at 12 knots with rough seas and winds 15-18, gusting to 21. It seems far windier than that and Nikitoo said it has been in the 20-30 knot range for them all day. Joe thinks their wind meter is off but maybe it’s ours. We did go 18.9 knots with apparent wind showing at 18.9. It’s hard to believe we can travel as fast as the wind.

The good news is that we are going to be in Niue quickly. The bad news is that the conditions are leaving everyone a little queasy. All adults but Joe are now wearing the seasick patches that Swagata left behind. We are praising her hourly. Even though we put them on after the trip had begun (you’re supposed to put them on several hours before), they still seem to be helping. I’m able to type this email!

The stars are gorgeous and I would enjoy them more if I didn’t feel like I was on a roller coaster with no way off. The waves are quite large and we have the wind on the beam so we go sideways up the waves and then down. All the hatches and ports are closed so it’s steamy below. We had left the head hatches cracked open for a bit of air but I heard a giant splash like a wave crashing inside the boat (which is what it was) and so we had to shut the hatches all the way. There is a fine mist of salt water on everything and everyone.

The kids enjoyed the “wave day.” We were supposed to do school but it was so bumpy that I just let the kids do what they wanted, which was reading and watching movies. If they could do those things, they could have easily done their schoolwork but their teacher lacked the energy or intestinal fortitude so it was a day off.

I have to stop typing or I will defeat the patch. Off to ride the roller coaster and later sleep in a bed full of small girls (they use waves as an excuse to get in our bed).

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