Galapagos Crossing – Day 2

Hello Charm followers,

I’ve been given the task of writing the first Log for Leg 3.

After a few day exploring the Las Perlas Islands it was time for race start day. It’s been a while since I’ve raced but lo and behold the usual pre-race start jitters returned! No nerves were however needed as Lara helmed us perfectly over the line crossing it in first place. My job was to be spinnaker trimmer for the first part of the race. The fleet slowly started to spread out as evening fell and just before the sunset we were treated to some acrobatic dolphins dancing across our bow.

We have managed to hold a spinnaker through the night and our crew have worked hard to try and keep the boat speed high and in the general direction of the Galapagos. It’s been a steep learning curve for Sunil and Swagata who haven’t raced or sailed much before and who have been thrown in at the deep end with watch keeping and sail trimming duties! All are coping well with my continued question of how can we make the boat go faster? And as yet no one has threatened to throw me overboard!

I’m learning lots too as although I’ve got many miles and oceans under my belt, I’ve never sailed a Catamaran before. I am also enjoying remembering how exciting the world can be when seen through the eyes of a child and how this helps with my own wonder and awe of the world we are in. Sailing through the night brings me back to my happy place – the sound of the water flowing over the bows, the feeling as the wind in the sails propel us though the water and the magical sight of the moon reflecting off the sea. 

There are still many miles to go but for now we are doing well and hope to keep the boat under sail as long as possible (ARC rules allow you to motor for a time penalty).

Lots of love to you all.
Ruth x (on behalf of the Charm crew Joe, Lara, Cobin, Marin, Tully, Sunil and Swagata)

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