First day of sailing was . . .

Rather anti-climactic. They delayed our start once again due to Colombian Coast Guard advisories and some concerns about large waves so there was not any sailing. We discussed leaving anyway, as 8 boats from the rally did, but decided that since it is our first leg of the rally, we would try the Official Start and hang with the other family boats, none of whom were planning to leave today.

Fantastic meal for $4/each. Food in Colombia has been excellent – some really nice juices. My new favorite is whatever they serve at this restaurant – lulo (fun to say) was the juice today.

So we cleaned the boat, stocked up on drinks with our new folding wagon, went to lunch and a handicrafts market with new friend Max (s/v Manihi) and then indulged our love of air-conditioning and popcorn by going to the Cinemark movie theater (!) in the mall (!) to see How to Train Your Dragon 3 in Spanish. Turns out “Hiccup” is “hipo” in Spanish but I never quite caught how they translated Toothless. Amazing the things you can learn when they’re repeated often enough!

Oh, and we saw a fish. Actually, of all the marinas we’ve been to so far, this one has the most active sea life right under our feet. Water is clear and we can see brain coral and interesting fish right off the boat. Unfortunately, we can also see all the plastic bags and other trash they live with.

We think it’s a very large puffer fish but not sure. It had spines but was unwilling to puff.

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  1. Susan Kliewer says: Reply

    It is so much fun to see and read your blog! Lara, when you write, I feel like I am there! The kids have grown so much!!!! We miss you and look forward to following your adventures! Love you and wish you safe travels! Susan

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