Grenada 7

Yes, we have resorted to googly eyes and baby panda videos to keep us entertained.  But luckily (?) for the residents of Charm, those aren’t the only options.  I’m going to give you a rundown on some of the more interesting activities we’ve been doing in our time on Charm. On one of our few […]

Grenada 6 – Easter

We discovered that the Easter bunny in Grenada is not subject to any sort of quarantine!  After my lengthy shopping day, that just happened to fall on the Saturday before Easter, I came home to children eager to color eggs.  Thankfully I had boiled two dozen the day before and carefully stored them in the […]

Grenada 5

It’s surprising how busy you can stay during quarantine!  In between marathon shopping trips, extensive boat projects and school, we still have managed to squeeze in all kinds of other activities.  I’m going to give you a run down here. We learned that Paul had not adequately celebrated an important milestone birthday (at least in […]

Grenada 4

When I last wrote, I had spent a considerable amount of time waiting in line fruitlessly at the IGA supermarket, followed by waits in other lines, with some shopping success at the end of the day.   After evaluating that shopping day, the Grenadian government acknowledged that it had some kinks to work out but opted […]

Grenada 3

Tomorrow is day 10 of the 24-hour curfew that Grenada imposed after it was dissatisfied with the original curfew.  It appears to be working because the total COVID-19 cases are holding steady at 12, all traced to the original cases that came in on airplanes, carrying the virus. Much of our time during this curfew […]

Grenada 2

We’re mid-way through the shelter-in-place order for Grenada and are doing our best to comply with all the rules.  Our best apparently isn’t good enough for our fellow cruisers as we continue to see snippets of bad feelings on Facebook posts and via the radio channels.  Unfortunately, many bored people trapped on their boats resort […]

Grenada 1

We arrived in Grenada almost two weeks ago.  No quarantine on arrival – we slipped in under the wire as the country shut down shortly after we arrived and started quarantining all new boats for 14 days. After two weeks at sea and no unusual symptoms, we felt confident that we could enter the country […]